It’s a brand new school year — that means it’s time to honor teachers with the Golden Apple Award!

“It’s such an honor to be recognized and thought that much of by somebody,” said Heidi Kalicky, previous Golden Apple Award winner.

“I feel very honored to be nominated,” said Brenda McCall, previous Golden Apple Award Winner.

“Being able to go out and recognize teachers making a difference, it adds credibility to what we do each and every day in our university classroom,” said Mary Jo Melvin, PhD, PennWest Edinboro.

The weekly winning teacher wins $250 for their classroom, presented by big ideas learning.

“Supporting Golden Apple is a natural extension of our mission to help support those teachers in the classroom who are making a difference every day,” said Jill McCormick, Big Ideas Learning.

“I’m very shocked. I’ve heard about this award from watching the news and other teachers in the building, but I never ever assumed it would come my way,” said Brenda Gluvna, previous Golden Apple Award Winner.

JET 24/FOX 66 would love to visit your classroom and honor your teacher. If you’d like us to do that nominate your teacher on the Golden Apple Awards page.