Aaron Oyinkolade – Good Kid 01/09/2017

Good Kid

Crossing the street can be risky business for little ones without a helping hand, so this week’s Good Kid is on a mission to keep kids safe.

Traffic gets busy at the corner of McClelland Avenue and Fairmount Parkway and finding a crossing guard to consistently monitor the intersection has proven to be a challenge for Diehl Elementary School.  But, 13 year old Aaron Oyinkolade stepped up to fill the need.  He’s part of the school’s safety patrol.

Dana Gilmore, Diehl Elementary Principal, says, “he takes it very seriously and is out there in rain, snow, sleet or hail and around Erie, we all know that’s definitely the case”.  She says Aaron is a true role model.  “The younger kids really do look up to older students and we’re very glad to have students like Aaron.”

“I think it’s helped me to learn how to be a leader and take care of people,” Aaron tells us.  

As he guides the kids across the busy street daily, the little things make it all worth it.  “I get to cross kids and sometimes they say thank you.”

Aaron says he’s gained a lot from the experience.  He’s doing better academically and developing character.  

Gilmore says, “and we’re really proud of him for that he really turned himself around and exemplifies what an ideal student should be”.

But, in his humble fashion, Aaron says he couldn’t do it alone.  “Well, it’s not just me about the safety patrol, it’s all of us.”

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