Allison Haraczy – Good Kid 08/17/2016

Good Kid

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A McDowell High School student earned the highest award in Girl Scouts with her most recent community project.  Today, we head to Erie Homes for Children and Adults to meet this week’s Good Kid.

“She’s always helpful.  She’s got a genuinely big heart.”  Girl Scouts are always striving to make their communities better.  One in particular is working to improve the quality of life for her friends and neighbors regardless of their physical abilities.

Meet Allison, a Girl Scout and student at McDowell High School.  “She is so helpful regardless of who it is.  Her best friend is in a wheelchair and she’s always helping her and that’s where she got her idea for the project.”  

Allison’s on a mission to help everyone recognize the fruits of their labor.  Knowing many of her friends at Erie Homes for Children and Adults use wheelchairs to get around.  Allison realized they weren’t able to bend down to work in a traditional garden.  So, for her Gold Award project, she built a raised vegetable planting area so everyone can test their green thumbs.  “I think she did an awesome job with the project.  She worked so hard and she was so proud of everything that she did.”  

Thanks to Allison, everyone at the group home can plant, water and watch the garden grow.

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