Annye Carthon – Good Kid 11/07/2016

Good Kid

Sometimes in life, the people who have always taken care of you need you to take care of them.  That was the case when our Good Kid’s grandma faced a major surgery.

“I just love my grandma,” says 11 year old Annye Carthon, and it is clear that she adores her Grandma Vera.  “She just makes me happy she’s a very nice person.”

And to say the feeling is mutual is an understatement.  “Oh, i love my granddaughter.”

Annye was quick to volunteer to take care of her when Vera was released from the hospital following a major surgery.  “I didn’t want her to feel alone and I didn’t want her to go to a rehab center.”

Annye gave up two whole summers to care for her grandma.  She helped change bandages, assisted with bathroom duties and provided good company during her recovery.  We were told they especially like playing board games.

Both say all this time together has certainly created a lasting bond.  Vera tells us, “Annye’s such a loving child. She’s just so giving and kind.”

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