Caroline McClure – Good Kid 02/13/2017

Good Kid

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.  This week’s Good Kid demonstrates this on a regular basis, reaching out to help her family and her friends.

Grover Cleveland Elementary Student, Caroline McClure is reaching out to help her family and her friends.  Her teachers all say she’s the first person to help others and she’s constantly finding ways to give to those less fortunate than her.

Erica Vera, Caroline’s Mom, says, “she’s just very sweet; always thinking of other people.”

Caroline’s Aunt, Leah Stratton agrees, saying, “anytime we need help she’s a big help in our lives. She’s a sweetheart no matter what.”

Her character shines at home and at school.

Second Grade Teacher, Megan Greenburg, says that Caroline is “always helping out other kids, following rules.  Every time I saw her mom I would rave about Caroline”.

Recently, Caroline felt compelled to help a friend of hers who has to endure the cold on her way to school.  “She doesn’t have a car and she has to walk to school and it’s far from her house and I didn’t want her getting sick or anything,” says 8 year old Caroline.  

Erica says, “just the fact that she even thought about it and was so worried about her friend trying to walk melted my heart.”

So, she came up with a plan to raise money for her friend and give back to some other kids at the same time.  “I wanted to sell my toys because I thought it would be the right thing to do ’cause some kids don’t have any and they have nothing to do”.

The kindness she shows toward her peers is something that those around her find refreshing.

Greenburg says, “it makes me so proud and excited, [it] gives [me] a boost to come to work every day.  You know, you see hard situations and [it] kind of gets you down and Caroline’s one of those kids that just brings you up, you know?”

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