Daniel Orinick – Good Kid 01/23/2017

Good Kid

A local teen’s Eagle Scout project is a life changer.  An offsite collection day for Habitat for Humanity is the Eagle project 17 year old Daniel Orinick chose to pursue because of a deep seeded commitment to helping the organization.

Nancy Milkowski of Habitat for Humanity says, “he’s very inquisitive about how Habitat works has real [enthusiasm] for helping”.

Daniel collected an entire box truck of donations, along with some cash to help a favorite local non-profit.  “I feel I made a difference in their lives,” says Daniel.

Milkowski adds, “that kind of drive and that kind of commitment [in the] community is exactly what we like to support and we were excited he was going to help us”.

For the purpose of the Eagle Scout project this was a one time event, but Daniel is ready to start planning for the second annual collection day already.  “I like doing the things I do here and I like activities given to me and I like doing it with my brother and dad.”

Daniel and his family have been volunteering for Habitat for years, and they plan to continue indefinitely.

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