Delvon Dunn – Good Kid 01/16/2017

Good Kid

A local kid is dedicating some of his free time to speading smiles at the Soldiers and Sailors Home.  

10 year old Delvon Dunn likes to make people smile.  That’s why he volunteers to confirm winners on BINGO night for the local American Legion.  Delvon tells us, “when they say, ‘BINGO’ I get their card and say the numbers”.

Delvon says he really enjoys his time volunteering with other legion families at the Soldiers and Sailors Home.  “I help them because it makes me feel good”.

Michelle Gates, of the American Legion Aux 771, tells us, “he’s just a caring young man. He makes you smile. When we go to Soldiers and Sailors Home the ladies and men there just seem to love him”.

Delvon’s great grandpa was a veteran and served in the Navy at Pearl Harbor, so Delvon is proud to help other veterans.

Gates adds, “I don’t think they get a lot of children there and I think it’s a good lesson for us to teach them as adults that it doesn’t take much to make them happy”.

Delvon is a joy to be around.  He always has a smile on his face, and is a bit of a prankster, too.

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