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When kids take the initiative to help others, it provides hope for a bright future.  Today, we head to Erie Dawn to see the impact our Good Kid is making.  Traci Teudhope tells us about her latest good deed.

Eliza Carlson, like many kids, gets an allowance for doing household chores. But, instead of using that money to buy something for herself, she used her hard earned money to purchase some things for the families at Erie Dawn.

“As we bring families into the program we find them apartments but then we have to furnish them with everything you can imagine to set up a household.”

Eliza, like Erie Dawn, wants to help low-income women and children live in a safe, welcoming place; with all their basic needs met for a simple reason. “Because it’s the right thing to do.”

So, this young lady donated cookware, bedding, dishes, laundry baskets, and glassware to the organization.  “You know, to have someone show up at the door with a basket of household goods, really, her own idea at such a young age; it’s really quite remarkable.”

And, she left there with a plan to start saving again for more donations.  “I was thinking about saving allowance money to buy flashlights, batteries, and first aid kits so they have extra stuff they can use.”

The ladies at Erie Dawn said it was a pleasure meeting her, especially since she was so humble about her giving heart. “It’s just so important for children to understand at an early age how a gesture can have such a big impact and so we’re really thrilled with the idea of kids helping kids.” 

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