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The challenge of playing in the marching band can be hard enough.  This week’s Good Kid is giving a helping hand to assist another to pursue her dream.  Traci Teudhope shows us how she’s helping her friend overcome obstacles.

Imagine dreaming of being in the marching band, but not being able to see as you navigate your way around the football field.  That’s the reality for this young lady, Elizabeth Greer, she’s part of the Corry Area High School Marching Band, but she’s not taking on this challenge alone.  

Her life-long friend Liberty Lillie is here to help.  Liberty Lillie, 12 years old, says, “because I think even though she has a disability I think it’s a great opportunity for her.”

Liberty serves as an extra set of eyes for Elizabeth so she can live her dream of being in the marching band.  Mary Matteson of Corry Area High School says, “She comes to all practices, games and she’s there whenever there’s something going on with the band.”

Liberty looks up to Elizabeth, too and says it’s really a win-win.  

“I think it’s a great opportunity for me because in the future I plan on being in the band,” says Liberty.  

Both girls say it’s fun working together.  “If she didn’t have help from me and just some strange person I don’t think she’d have as much fun as she normally does with all of us.”

Liberty is leaving a lasting impact within the school district and her community.  Many describe this 6th grader as caring and compassionate. Matteson says she is “a young lady that really cares a lot about people and the things she does for them.  She’s one that wants to make the world a better place.”

And, to make such sacrifices of her own time at just 12 years old makes her a pretty special kid.

“It’s heart warming,” says Matteson, “it brings tears to my eyes”.

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