Good Kid 01/21/2019 – Lillie Festa

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Our Good Kid of the Week went above and beyond to help residents of the Maria House Project.  

“She has kindness in her heart.”

Sweet, kind, and philanthropic, 8-year-old Lilli Festa has a smile that goes on for miles and a heart made of gold.  And, she’s decided to share her joy with the residents of the Maria House Project. 

Sandi Matts, Maria House Project, says, “you know many of the men are alienated from their families and when they came here and when they had Lilli around them, it just boosted their spirits”.

Shawn Festa, Lilli’s Dad, says, “her efforts are amazing. What she did for all the gentlemen that night was real.”

Lilli dressed up, served dinner, handed out her gifts, and the thoughtful gesture was very well-received.

Shawn tells us, “they gave her a standing ovation. To be her father and stand behind her and watch that was amazing”.

Lilli shares with us, “it felt really good inside to help people in need”.

It felt so good in fact, she’s decided to continue to pay it forward after receiving a big check as part of the Good Kid Award.

“I’m gonna give it all to make a wish.”

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