Good Kid 01/29/2018 – Jaxson Barrell

Good Kid

After finding a wallet in a parking lot, a local boy went out of his way to find the rightful owner.  Traci Teudhope introduces us to our Good Kid of the Week.

At six years old, this young man seems to already understand how heart-breaking it is to lose something as critical as your wallet.  When Jaxson Barrell found one in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, he was determined to track down the person who dropped it.

Brenda Ellis, Jaxson’s Family Friend, says, “he was going to be quite stressed if he didn’t find that owner”.  

And, Jaxson tells us why, “because it had cards for her and she couldn’t buy anything else anymore”.

Social media was a big help and so was Jaxson’s mom.  Together, they found the woman.  “I felt very happy,” says Jaxson… and he wasn’t the only one.  The woman who got her wallet back sent a giftcard and a note to Jaxson, expressing her gratitude.  

The note reads, in part, “Thank you for making a ‘purple’ choice and helping me find my wallet,” and the letter is signed, “your new friend, Heather”.  

Ellis says, “It just made my heart feel good to know that all the things mom is trying to teach are taking”.

If you know a good kid like Jaxson, send us a nomination by clicking here and filling out the form at the bottom of the page.  


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