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A sixth grader at Rolling Ridge Elementary School is doing her part to protect the Earth.  

11-year-old Ava Learn is deeply concerned about the planet.  So, she launched an online club she calls the ‘Go Green Gang’.  She tells us, “I think more [peopled] should be more aware of what they’re doing. They’ll throw trash on the floor when there’s a trash can right there…”

Ava orchestrated poster-making to build awareness and clean-ups with other kids.

Ava’s Mom Cherie Learn tells us she thinks “it’s awesome.  I was always really shy; for her to step up and get other kids involved, it’s awesome”.

She’s mostly concerned with stopping pollution and global warming.

“If you don’t take care of the Earth, we only have one; we can’t get another one.”

Ava’s mom beams with pride watching her daughter try to change the world. 

“She’s really sweet, caring, considerate… awesome big sister.”

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