Good Kid 02/11/2019 – Ariannah Vandresar

Good Kid

When a terminally ill girl requested Christmas cards to brighten her spirits, a local sixth grader was compelled to help.

Oliviah Hall was flooded with Christmas cards this year (15,000 of them, approximately) thanks to kind-hearted folks like 11-year-old Ariannah Vandresar.

“I felt bad [about what] she was going through; just wanted to make her wish come true… make her smile.”

Oliviah was a ray of sunshine to the very end, singing, smiling, and loving life before succumbing to brain cancer.

So, when Ariannah found out she could share a little joy with her, she jumped at the chance, mobilizing her entire school, 20 classrooms, to send more than 400 cards in just three days.

Guidance Counselor Vincent DiMichele tells us, “I was absolutely shocked. It literally happened in less than a day. It was absolutely amazing; it just shows what kind of student she is and, again, she’s paying it forward so it’s the kind of student she is”.

When Ariannah got that big check for being the Good Kid of the Week, she handed off the money to one of her favorite local charities; the Anna Shelter; another testament to how deserving she is of the title.

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