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Firefighters save property and lives, and many take on this dangerous duty out of the goodness of their hearts.  So, a local teen decided to pitch in and help these local volunteer heroes.

When you ask Wendy Barnes to describe her son, a smile immediately spreads across her face.  “Caring, outgoing, and active… Really, really active.”

Beyond school and sports, 16-year-old Christopher Barnes is always busy running his volunteer handyman business, helping others in his neighborhood who may need a little assistance.

It’s a mission he first took on two years ago.

“What I wanted was to help the community with, really, anything.”

Whether it’s dog walking, mowing, gardening, or something else; he’s ready and willing to help.

“It’s just good to help older and less active people who can’t do as much.”

And, if he happens to earn a couple of dollars along the way, much of it goes to the Cranesville Volunteer Fire Department.

Wendy says, “We’ve always thought being part of a community is more than just living in a community; it’s really being active and helping. We encourage that and he’s taken the ball and ran with it.”

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