Good Kid 03/11/2019 – Brianna Cassidy

Good Kid

It feels better to give than to receive, that’s a message a local second-grader takes to heart.

Today, Traci Teudhope takes us to the Erie Free Store to see how our Good Kid of the Week is helping other kids in the community.

Brianna Cassidy finds joy in sharing her blessings with others. Her mom says she has a heart of gold and the folks at the Erie Free Store tend to agree, whole-heartedly.

This seven-year-old is their youngest donor.

“Some kids don’t have toys like I do…”

Brianna regularly sets her toys aside and looks forward to taking them to the Erie Free Store so other kids have toys to play with too.

Breanna Adams, Erie Free Store Coordinator, says, “she recently donated a dollhouse as big as her and it went to make some girls very happy and very excited.”

Brianna plans to continue giving back in her community and she’s hoping other kids will too. “They should give toys away because they know they should do it for the good of people.”

Adams says, “those small things really do go a long way, whether it’s one toy or a bag full… help them have a good day as well”.

And, when Superstore Joe presented Brianna with a check for $50 to reward her good deed, she turned around and donated it to the Erie Free Store.

If you know a good kid like Brianna, send us a nomination by clicking here and filling out the form on the page. 

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