Good Kid 06/03/2019 – Arihayonna Holman

Good Kid

A young girl saves her grandpa’s life.  Her quick thinking when his blood sugar dropped made all the difference. She has more than earned this week’s ‘Good Kid of the Week’ title.

After a long day of fishing, Ricardo Holman returned home, felt fatigued, and then everything took a turn for the worse. But, thankfully, his fast-acting granddaughter remained alert.

Arihayonna Holman tells us, “he went to sleep, then woke up, then sugar dropped, then I felt him; he was sweaty, then I call 911.”

Ricardo says he fears the outcome would’ve been devastating if it weren’t for his granddaughter.

“If it wasn’t for that being my sugar dropped at 15, I don’t think I’d be around now. So, my granddaughter, who I love very much, is my savior.”

Arihayonna’s mom calls her a hero and her grandpa couldn’t agree more.

“I appreciate her. I love her to death, and she knows it…We just have a bond; we have more of a bond now that she saved my life.”

Everyone agrees the world could use more kids like Arihayonna.

Joe Askins, of Off Road Express KIA, tells us, “Ari is a great example of what the Good Kid program is about. I’m pretty proud to see her self awareness and her awareness to help her grandpa in time of need.”

If you know a good kid like Arihayonna, send us a nomination by clicking here and filling out the form on the page.

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