Good Kid 06/10/2019 – Hunter Chew

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At Iroquois Elementary School, kids are encouraged to be kind, safe, and responsible students. And, when it comes to ways Hunter Chew gives back in his community, the list is lengthy.

Hunter offered to help with the school’s ‘Caring Closet’. Teacher Amy Schmidt tells us, “it honestly didn’t surprise me too much because that’s just what Hunter is and what Hunter does”.

Hunter stays after school and helps organize the donations regularly. He tells us, “I think all kids should have the same amount of clothes as others.”

He also serves dinners to the homeless twice per year, collects donations annually at Christmas to donate to those less fortune, and when it comes to church, Hunter showcases his talents and devotion by helping with events at Grace Church.

His teachers can’t say enough about his character; Schmidt saying, “he’s fantastic in academics, family, faith, sports… He just excels at everything he does”.

And, there’s no doubt his tendency to put others first will continue into adulthood.

His teacher says, “we’re doing a career project right now and Hunter chose to be a police officer and I definitely think he’ll follow through with that and make all his dreams come true”.

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