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She loves visiting her local fire department and trying on the helmets, but she’s not just there to have fun, she’s getting her hands a bit dirty helping out.  

She’s not a firefighter, but this girl spends quite a bit of time at the Wesleyville Fire Department.  Lillieanna Bordewicz has been going to the fire station with her stepdad, Tim, since she was two.  And, by five years old, she began helping out by cleaning the trucks. “Well, I clean them, like, everywhere,” Lillieanna tells us, “every month, all the year”. 

Tim says she’s “…very polite, even with her behavior down here when we’re down here. She acts just as much responsible as a regular adult firefighter that comes down here.”

She also helps out at home by doing the dishes and taking care of the family dogs, Bandit and Bella.  

Aside from hanging out at the fire department, Lillieanna loves being a Daisy Scout.  “I earned 10 badges!” she tells us.  One of her special ones is the helping badge.  She tells us how she received it, “When Ameilia fell, I helped her up by pulling her hand… then I earned a badge!”

Tim tells us, “When she sees somebody get hurt, she gets worried about it, no matter how big or small it is.”  All this in mind, it’s no surprise that this six-year-old one day wants to be a nurse.  

Tim says Lilleanna is “Very active, very social, very caring. She always seems to put everybody else before her.”

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