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He’s the goalie for his soccer team, loves shooting his bow, and usually beats his dad in video games. What’s unique is that this week’s Good Kid does it all, despite missing a hand. 

Amniotic bands were wrapped around Draven Pollock’s left hand while he was in the womb.  Draven’s Dad, Morgan Phillips, tells us,  “They missed it when they did the sonograms so he came out, basically missing a hand.”

The 8-year-old is treated at Shriner’s Hospital in Erie.  Doctors have offered him prosthetics at no cost to the family, but Draven isn’t interested. “I said, ‘I was born like this, and I’m proud of it.'”

And, his pride shines through when he accomplishes anything he sets his mind to, like soccer; which he’s been playing for five years. “I’m really good at soccer,” he tells us, “and, normally, I’m best at defense.”    

Morgan says, “Believe it or not, without a full hand, goalie is his best position. He stops every ball coming at him.”

He also loves playing with his brother and sister, shooting his bow, and beating his dad at X-BOX video games, Morgan saying, “He has adapted and he does… literally everything.”

What’s more impressive is that, despite being bullied, he’s accomplished everything with a big smile on his face and kindness in his heart. Morgan says, “When it comes to the bullying, he just shrugs it off and he’s as nice and as kind as can be to everybody else he ever meets.”

And, Morgan tells us, “When they asked him about changing his hand or anything like that and he said, ‘no, I don’t want to; I’m perfect the way I am…’ I think that was my proudest moment.”

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