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This week, our Good Kid is sharing her love of literacy and her desire to give back with her peers.

Six-year-old Ellie Walker thought long and hard about what she wanted for her birthday this year and she decided she’d like to pay it forward to other kids at her school.

Joe Askins, of Auto Express KIA, tells us, “you know, it always puts a smile on my face when I see kids like Ellie who think of others before themselves.”

Ellie asked her friends to skip the birthday gifts and donate to the school library instead.

Ellie’s Grandma, Debbie Conrad, tells us, “I think it’s pretty special that child would be willing to do that…”

When we asked Ellie why she did this, she said, “because I really like going to the library”.

Ellie collected $140 and the school bought books with her donation.  She was pretty excited about that. “I really like reading a lot.”

And, the excitement continued to grow when her grandma, who just happens to be an author, nominated her for the Good Kid Award.

Ellie and her besties were thrilled when we showed up with a big check.

If you’d like to make a Good Kid you know happy by recognizing their good deeds, send us a nomination by clicking here and filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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