Good Kid- Aaron Kupinewski

Good Kid

For 11-year-old Aaron Kupinewski, his birthday will be one that he won’t forget.

This was more than just a birthday with a cake and a few gifts, this was a happening.

Due to social distancing, a party was out of the question. Instead firetrucks, police cars, friends and family formed a parade and headed to Kupinewski’s street.

It’s not every day that you get your own parade on your birthday, but Aaron Kupinewski did and what a parade it was.

A long line of cars and trucks paraded past Kupunewski’s Crosswinds Drive house while wishing him a happy birthday from a distance and donating to a special cause, Our Lady of Peace.

What drives an 11-year-old to donate his own birthday money? Kupinewski said for him it was a matter of giving back.

Back in January, Kupinewski fell while skiing and broke his leg. He got a good lesson in community caring.

“I got a lot of support from my friends in the community. So for my birthday cause I really can’t do much because I have to stay at home. So I decided to do something for the people who supported me in my community,” said Aaron Kupinewski, Good Kid.

So instead of gifts this year, Kupinewski wanted cash. Kupinewski would not however keep the money for himself.

Instead Kupinewski set up a donation stand. He decided that the money would go to Our Lady of Peace.

“He really wanted to give to Our Lady of Peace because he had a knee injury and had great support from all the friends and school and parish. He thought it was a great idea to give back to them,” said Diane Kupinewski, Aaron’s mom.

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