Good Kid- Adeline Cannon

Good Kid

When this week’s good kid turned 9 years-old, she received more than 200 dollars from friends and family.

That is a lot of money for a 9-year-old and the good kid knew exactly where her birthday money was going.

Adeline Cannon is a caring, well adjusted 9-year-old who attends Elk Valley Elementary School in Lake City.

For her birthday, Adeline took in more than 200 dollars, a jackpot for a 9-year-old, but this jackpot was not going into her bank.

Adeline has a friend with cancer, and every time she went past the cancer center, she felt a need to help.

“Every time I had to go to the doctors, I went past the cancer center and I felt bad for them. I wish cancer was not even a thing and I just wanted to give money for them,” said Adeline Cannon.

Adeline’s mom asked her what she wanted to do with her birthday money. She didn’t want a trip to the toy store, or a new pair of shoes. Adeline insisted the money go to the cancer center, a gesture sure to make any mom proud.

“Amazing. She’s such a wonderful girl and at 9-years-old to do something like this and to know nothing came from her parents or any other influence,” said Maria Cannon, Adeline’s mom.

A good kid in the true sense of the word and a message to her friend.

“If Haley’s watching, you’re a good star. Keep doing what you’re doing,” said Adeline.

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