“Good Kid” battles cancer

Good Kid

A week ago, we shared with you one of our very own “Good Kids” and her willingness giving back to animals and shelters in need.  

She’s continuing her commitment, but this time for herself as she battles through cancer. 

It’s something that Avery’s mom had never imagined, especially with all her athletic abilities at a young age. But she says this is one more journey she knows Avery can battle through. 

Thirteen-year-old Avery Sontheimer always puts others before herself.  

Avery, one of our “Good Kids” donates gift cards to animal shelters across the United States in hopes of helping a furry friend. 

But this is a startling diagnosis. 

“My big tumor, it’s by my pelvis, and it’s really close to touching my spinal cord and I have little tumors in my lungs,” said Avery Sontheimer. 

After months of playing sports, pain continued to grow each day. 

That’s after multiple trips to chiropractors and doctors as she looked for an answer. 

“I was shocked beyond words. It’s like this little girl was running four miles a day five months ago and they tell us that it’s an aggressive cancer,” said Kim Chauncey, Avery’s mom. 

Avery says she will continue her initiative and give back to those in need, extending even around the country. 

“To make it easier we put all the 50states in order alphabetically and then we pick a shelter from each state we send a gift card to that shelter,” said Avery. 

Avery’s mom says positivity goes along way, and she hopes to continue that for her daughter. 

“I’m just trying to take one day at a time and be strong for her,” said Chauncey.  

A car wash will be held on Sunday, July 26 for Avery at Advance Auto Corry. 

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