Good Kid- Braedon, Macie and Asher Stankiewiz

Good Kid

One local food pantry is benefiting from the generosity of three children who found that a green thumb can go a long way in helping others.

Braedon, Macie and Asher Stankiewiz are growing plants, but they are also growing a lasting love for their community.

The three siblings started growing plants as a science project, but soon they found that they had a lot of plants. The siblings found that they had so many plants that they decided to grow even more and for a good cause.

“We saw that a lot of people were going hungry because they couldn’t get stuff from the stores like they normally would and are not making money because a lot of the work was shut down,” said Braedon Stankiewiz, Good Kid.

Their dad said that it doesn’t surprise him to see his kids take this project to a new level.

Their love for people and their community is what it’s all about.

“And the kids came up with and said we got to help the community. We have to do something for them,” said Aaron Stankiewiz, Dad.

The kids began growing plants at the beginning of quarantine as they wanted to learn more about science and sustainability.

Once they realized how many plants were growing, they started their own business and sold them online.

“It made me feel really good because I really love giving back to people and seeing people really happy,” said Macie Stankiewiz, Good Kid.

The kids reinvested and grew more plants to sell.

Now what did they do with the money the plants earned them? The kids had an idea.

“We can give some of the money to our community and homeless shelter,” said Asher Stankiewiz.

One hundred dollars went to the Saint Boniface Food Pantry. The kids also donated the rest of their plants to anyone who visited the food pantry.

“I think we can all learn from them and recognize when someone in need and how good it feels to be there and lend a helping hand,” said Joe Askins, Super Store Joe, Auto Express.

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