Good Kid – Bryson Galloway

Good Kid

Bryson Galloway is running away with this week’s Good Kid segment.

When COVID-19 put an end to the school year and the extracurricular activities as well 11-year old Bryson took to running, and since the month’s since the schools closed he’s run more than 110 miles.

“It makes me feel honored that I’ll be able to give back to an organization and give back to other families that have happened like this,” says Bryson.

The organization Bryson is talking about is “Grady’s Decision,” an organization that helps families dealing with premature births.

Bryson ran the equivalent of a 5K every day from June 1st through the 16th. Since the event was created on Facebook he has already raised $860 from set donations as well as several donors who pledged cash for every mile completed. Mom says she couldn’t be any more proud.

“From June 1st through the 16th I didn’t imagine he would get over 80 donors to donate over $3500 for this organization, and he pulled it off,” says Mandi Galloway, Bryson’s mom.

Yes he did, but would you expect anything less from a Good Kid?

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