Good Kid- Lillian Wheeler

Good Kid

This week’s Good Kid is one of the many students who won’t be walking across the stage for their diploma, but she came up with a way to help them celebrate.

We met up with Lillian Wheeler outside of Seneca High school. She is in her senior year here and up until not too long ago, dreamed of walking across the stage to receive her diploma.

Covid-19 however changed all of that. There will be no graduation with friends and family looking on.

Lillian decided that people still needed to be together even if it is on Facebook. She decided to make a Facebook page called Adopt a 2020 Senior.

“I decided to start my own and started with just a few kids from Seneca and Erie High to McDowell and Girard,” said Lillian Wheeler, Good Kid.

This project really took off and fast. Lillian said that more than 1,000 people are looking to adopt a senior. According to Lillian, more than 300 are already adopted.

So what does it take to be put on the adoption list?

“Seniors will put in their picture and give a brief description of what they do in high school and what they plan on doing afterwards and another senior or adult will come along and say ‘hey, I want to adopt you and you get a card even with a snack,” said Wheeler.

For her work, Wheeler gets $50 from Super Store Joe at Auto Express Kia and JET 24.

“We all know the seniors got short changed and for Lillian to create the adopt a senior, I think that’s pretty neat stuff. We live in a great community, a caring community,” said Joe Askins, Super Store Joe from Auto Express.

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