Good Kid – Nathanial Hall

Good Kid

When Nathanial Hall saw the destruction to downtown businesses following the riots at the end of May, he knew he had to act.

After all, Nathanial says he doesn’t want to see our community in distress.

“Because it’s my community and I don’t want to see it ruined and I want it to be around for a long time, especially the local businesses,” says this week’s Good Kid, Nathanial Hall.

Nathanial decided to raise money for the local businesses that were damaged. One way he knew he could raise money was by mowing lawns, and it paid off.

“I was just out mowing lawns, every day I raised about $100,” says Hall.

Besides mowing lawns, Nathanial pulled weeds, chopped wood, even cleaned inflatable bouncy castles to raise money for his community. He raised $1800 to help those damaged businesses.

Nathanial wants to do the same next year, only donate to a few random businesses.

“He saw local businesses in our community hurting and he took action,” says Joe Askins.

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