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This week’s Good Kid is all about volunteering.

As a young child, he was already helping out at the Northwestern Sportsman Club in West Springfield.

David Belmondo explains in this week’s Good Kid.

Patrick Snyder is a 6th grader at Northwestern Middle School in Albion. Ever since he was a child of 4, his dad would take him to the club, not a place every 4-year-old would want to go, but Patrick loved it there.

“Patrick has been helping here since he was 4-years-old. When he was 4, this picture appeared and he won a ham with his 410,” said Michael Snyder, Dad of Patrick Snyder.

Patrick loves to help others. This past summer he was busy at summer camp.

“This summer, we helped build a bath house,” said Patrick Snyder, Good Kid.

Patrick says being outside is better than playing video games.

Debbie Smith is Patrick’s Grandmother. She nominated Patrick, because he deserves the recognition.

“He’s in boy scouts, he’s wiling to help out. He went to Titusville and helped at their 50 and 100 k run, stayed up and gave the runners water, and helped out at D-Day in Conneaut,” said Debbie Smith, Grandmother to Patrick Snyder.

And she pretty much summed it up, he is just an all around Good Kid.

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