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This weeks Good Kid may only be in the 2nd grade, but she makes the grade when it comes to helping younger students who look to her for guidance.

Vera Godfrey said she looks forward to helping not only her fellow classmates at Klein Elementary School, but also those students in kindergarden and first grade.

It’s not only when she’s at school that she is offering a helping hand. At home, Godfrey continues that good kid persona.

When her mom started a new job, Godfrey was there by her side.

“When she first started her new job she was really scared, so I made her little notes to remind her it’s okay to be scared and I love her,” said Godfrey.

Vera is in the second grade, but visits the younger students to help with schoolwork or to just be a friend.

Superstore Joe said that is what makes Godfrey stand out.

“The thing I noticed about Vera is how she’s taken the time. She’s a second grader and tutors kindergartners and I think it’s more conformable to have a peer like Vera helping with ABC’s,” said Joe Askins, Owner of Off Road Express.

Helping is just what Vera loves to do.

“Anytime a kid is thinking of others, I think that’s pretty special and Vera is a special kid and I am proud to be here for the the Good Kid and to work with her,” said Askins.

When it comes to bringing school spirit, the message is loud and clear.

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