Good Kids 01/14/2019 – Kalea and Jaden

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Some are fortunate enough to be able to afford to go on nice vacations; others struggle to meet daily needs.

This week’s Good Kids discovered that when you have a chance to share your blessings with someone who is down on their luck, it feels pretty good. 

Personal care items are aplenty when you are lucky enough to stay in a nice hotel.  10-year-old Kalea noticed that and decided to save anything extra when she travels to make sure those in need in her hometown have the personal hygiene essentials. 

Kalea tells us it’s “because they might need something but not have enough money or somewhere to go, so it’s nice providing for them”.

Her first collection went to the Upper Room last year and it felt so good to give back, she decided to continue her efforts alongside her older brother, Jaden.

Jaden tells us he likes to help “because they might not be fortunate in past so we give stuff in the future”.

This year, they’re donating to the ‘Abused Women and Children’s Shelter’.  This dynamic duo, making an impact and setting a good example for their peers, too.

They say helping people is as simple as following the golden rule, “to treat people the way they want to be treated”.

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