Good Kids 05/30/2017

Good Kid

Rylie Patrick, a 10 year old at Northwestern Elementary, is this week’s Good Kid.

Rylie wants to be a Special Education Teacher when she grows up, to help make the world a better place.  She came to this decision after volunteering with special needs kids in her school.  “I feel so thankful they let me do it, and it just feels great that I’m the first one and hopefully won’t be the last”.

Her fourth grade teacher, Amber Frazier, says she’s blown away by Rylie’s dedication to making our community and her school a better place.  “She is such a selfless, humble person who dedicates so much of her time to others in need.  We try to instill a passion, drive, [and] work ethic in them…  good character leadership skills to make them successful, and Rylie is the epitome of that student”.    

In addition to her volunteer work in the academic setting, Rylie works to beautify her school’s courtyard and encourages recycling amongst her peers.  She started a club to promote recycling and re-purposing.  Rylie says she hates how much trash there is, “I know that kids will see this; I hope that they’ll recycle”.

Frazier says, “I’m confident she is going to change lives and change the world some day”.

If you know a good kid like Rylie; submit a nomination!

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