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When life hands you lemons, put up a lemonade stand and raise money for a local animal shelter…  That’s what our Good Kids of the week did!  

When a neighborhood in Fairview held a community garage sale, 11-year-old Phoebe Boger saw it as an opportunity to help cats in need. 

“Because I’m obsessed with cats,” Phoebe tells us, “and I love animals.  We had an idea to have a lemonade stand during the town’s yard sale.”

She and her friend, Allison, working together to raise a little cash on the side. “It was a lot of fun,” Allison tells us. 

With more than $100 to donate, the girls made a big difference for cats in need.  That money went to help out Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary just down the road in Millcreek. 

“It’s just the thought that counts,” Phoebe says.  “I wanted to do something nice for cats and the people.”

Wendy Whetzel, Phoebe’s Mom, tells us, “I just thought it was the sweetest thing; they have hugely compassionate hearts”.

It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was more than the girls expected. Allison says, “…because our lemonade was only 50 cents, but because we told him we were going to donate; one guy gave us $12.”

These young ladies certainly setting a good example for their peers.  

Allison’s Mom, Susan Bender, saying, “I think it takes a lot to donate the money.  They have all this money and they’re probably thinking about what they could do with it for themselves”.

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