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Two students with special needs are crowned homecoming king and queen.  It’s an obvious indication of the impact they’ve had on the student body.  Traci Teudhope shows us why they’re our Good Kids of the Week.  

Laura Neintimp, Life Skills teacher at General McClane, tells us, “Not only are they role models for their peers with or without disabilities, but for our district as a whole.”

General McLane Seniors, Aaron Wagner and Jocie Connolly, were crowned homecoming king and queen after more than half of their class voted for them. 

Neintimp says, “they are great kids and totally involved in what everybody else in school is doing which makes it more meaningful”.

Mia Schaller, who was on the homecoming court, says, “I play volleyball and Aaron sits right behind the bench and Jocie’s in stands with her family. It’s great.”

They’re clearly the most-liked couple in school.  Neintimp, tells us, “I was just so excited for Aaron and Jocie when they made court and I think their story and any inclusive stories are great for people to know about”.

And now, it’s the last leg of the high school journey for the newly crowned royal couple as they complete their final year at General McLane.  Neintimp says, “I’m going to miss them, but I’m so happy for them”.

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