Halle Murabito – Good Kid 11/28/2016

Good Kid

A true commitment to helping shelter animals thrive is what led the Humane Society to nominate this week’s Good Kid.  

12 year old Halle Murabito spends two days a week volunteering at the Humane Society.  “When I’m older,” says Halle, “I want to be a vetrinarian and I’ve always wanted to take care of animals and volunteering is a good chance for me to start my career”.

She helps to socialize the cats and spends hours playing with them.  

Emily Smith of the Humane Society of NWPA says, “everything about Halle is absolutely incredible.  It’s going to make me cry; she comes out to shelter and works with our cats.  She gets every single cat out when she comes, she knows all their personalities.”

Halle tells us, “the reason I’m so committed is… it means so much to me to help out an animal and know they’re going to a good home”.

Halle has had pets her whole life.  Right now, she cares for three dogs and two cats in her own home, but she hopes for all animals to be so fortunate.

“She is what inspires me to do my job,” says Smith.  “To see kids coming out and loving animals like I love animals, so I know it’s not disappearing from the world when I see excitement in Halle’s eyes when she comes to the shelter.”

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