50 students have the school supplies they needed to ensure educational success, all thanks to a teenager who saw a need and wanted to help fill it.

Hannah Silbaugh spearheaded a school supply drive at the end of the summer to make sure her classmates wouldn’t struggle to find the supplies they needed for the school year.

McDowell Senior, Hannah Silbaugh, tells us, “I was looking up stats and figures of kids who need help and… really it was a lot higher percentage than I thought so I thought it’d be a good idea to give back to my community”.

Hannah decided she wanted to help kids in need who are often overlooked.  “A lot of support goes to the city so we wanted to make sure kids at McDowell would get help they needed.”  So, she approached her teacher and got the ball rolling.

One of Hannah’s teachers, Daniel Adrzejczak, says, “it wasn’t long at all after Hannah gave me an email about what she wanted to do and accomplish and next I know she’s already collecting things, already going to church and to OLP and helping out there and collecting money”.

Hannah says no one should start the year without the basic necessities.  “Everyone needs something, it’s important to help someone in need.”

Adrzejczak says she didn’t miss a beat.  “I didn’t have to do much because they did so much on their own it was wonderful to see them help so many”.

In the end, Hannah led the effort to gather about $2,000 worth of school supplies.