Hazel Cutter – Good Kid 08/01/2016

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This week Traci Teudhope takes us to Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary to meet a good kid showing us how she’s putting others first. Six year old Hazel Cutter has two cats… Dora and Diego, and she’s on a mission to make sure all cats have it so good. This was especially true after she met the cats up for adoption at Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary.  

Hazel tells us, “that is when my grandma and me decided to grab some stuff for the cats”.  

Natalie Sherrange, Hazel’s Grandma, says, “she’s trying to make sure kittens get a good home so that’s the most important thing…  Hazel is a very kind, giving young lady.”

You see for the past couple birthdays, Hazel asked her family friends from school at Blessed Sacrament to the Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary instead of giving her gifts.  Hazel says she feels good about helping any way she can. “So they have more food to eat and stuff to play with so they’re not bored or hungry.”

Her family members are impressed with her willingness to sacrifice her own wants to give to these needy animals.  Sherrange saying, “I think it teaches children to share if they have a little extra and even if they don’t, it teaches them others have less.”

It’s a lesson for her peers and perhaps people of all ages.  Sherrange adds, “if they see a child doing it maybe an adult will say, ‘hey, maybe I should go over and take a little [something to] the kittens”.

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