Jaylen and Courtney – Good Kids 08/21/2017

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A preschooler with autism goes missing, sending her mom into a panic, searching the neighborhood, for what was no-doubt the longest five minutes of her life.  Traci Teudhope introduces us to the young men who helped her return home safely.

Carrie Payne, Mom of triplets, says, “I ran outside,  I’m screaming her name; look all through yard, can’t find her…  I’ve never been so scared…  My heart just stopped.”

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare, and this mom lived it.  

As a parent obviously, you never want to experience this, but Carrie says she’s forever grateful the neighbor boys were there to help.  Three brothers who happen to live in the neighborhood found little Maddie meandering through their yard, and quickly reunited her with her mom.  

Carrie tells us, “I just walked up to them and started crying.”

Jaylen Hollingsworth shares, “it was actually a humbling experience; good thing she came in our yard and not someone else’s”.

Carrie was so impressed with these young men and the way they interacted with her daughter.  “They were kind, polite smart, they knew the questions to ask.”  As a mom, Carrie knows she’ll never forget these dear neighborhood boys.

14 year old Courtney Kanutsen credits his parents for being good role models.  “Thank you, I just… thank you because they’re teaching me to do the right things.”

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