Katelyn Meyer – Good Kid 01/02/2017

Good Kid

Not every student has the supplies necessary for a basic education, but at one local high school they do, thanks to our Good Kid of the week. 

$2,000 worth of school supplies, and students at McDowell High School are ready to learn.  17 year old Katelyn Meyer is to thank for that.  She helped with a school supply drive at the end of the summer to make sure her peers had everything they need.

Katelyn, McDowell High School Senior, says, “I didn’t think something as simple as school supplies should stop someone from a quality education”.

She had the full support of her teachers and the administration.

Anita Parker, Principal at McDowell, says, “It’s all about the students, so anytime we have opportunity to benefit our students and our families we support that…  they put in 100% effort, 100% results, and we’re proud to call them McDowell Trojans”.

Katelyn shares that “it made me feel really good to help these kids because I’ve always had necessary school supplies I needed and to be able to give that to someone who didn’t just was an amazing feeling”.

50 of Katelyn’s classmates were better off thanks to her efforts and that makes all the difference.  At McDowell the motto is, ‘We Rise by Lifting Others’.

“If you can help someone and give them something they need, they might be more prone to help other people and just make community a better place,” says Katelyn.

That’s why Katelyn is this week’s Good Kid.

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