Kayla Fedorczyk – Good Kid 10/17/2016

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When tragedy strikes, it can be difficult to find the strength to stay positive. But, this week’s Good Kid is determined to provide hope. Traci Teudhope shares her story.

“I was speechless…  I really didn’t know.”  When Kayla Fedorczyk’s cousin died in a four wheeler accident, she and her family were heartbroken.

Grandparents should not have to bury their grandchildren, and seeing her loved ones grieve made Kayla want to step up and help.  So, she got to work… you see, the family didn’t have enough money for a gravestone and they didn’t have insurance. So, Kayla started making bracelets by hand and selling them door to door for donations.

“She dealt with it the right way.  This was her way and it taught me a few things, too.”

Kayla’s act of kindness was the positive energy this family needed to survive their heart wrenching loss.  “It just made me cry; it was so sweet, so loving.”  

This young lady is providing hope and love in the worst of circumstances.

“She’s just a great girl and I love her dearly.”

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