Madison Lawrence – Good Kid 08/28/2017

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A local teenager takes on great responsibility to help her hard-working parents.  Traci Teudhope introduces us to our Good Kid of the Week.

In the summertime, Madison Lawrence watches her brothers and sister while her parents work, and as an added bonus for her family, she always keeps up on house work and never asks for anything in return.

14 year old Madison says, “they work hard all day.  For them to come home to a nice house, not all messy, it’s 10 times easier for them when they are home”.

Madison’s parents could not be more thankful.  They say she has a heart of gold.  In fact, Madison’s mother, Jessica, says, “I would trust her with [her siblings] at any given point.  She’s always been very responsible”.

And, Madison genuinely enjoys her time with her siblings.  “What I like to do most is play board games and play outside,” she tells us.

She realizes the time passes quickly, telling us she likes to “[cherish] every moment I have with them because when you’re all grown up and in college, you don’t get to spend as much time with them.”

Madison’s mom says she’s very proud of the young lady she’s become.  “She always puts herself on the side burner, and she always tries to make everyone around her happy… She [has] always been a really good kid.”

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