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Test taking can be intimidating for students, but if you’ve got the right strategy, it’s a big help.  That’s the lesson we learned from this week’s Good Kid.  

There’s a new book full of test-taking tips to help students get good grades and achieve their goals.  It was written by fifth grader Makenzie Yaple, and inspired by her classmate, Emma Burkett.

Burkett says, “I thought it was a lot of fun and I’m really glad it turned into a book.” 

In her book, Makenzie advises students to avoid being overwhelmed by taking it one step at a time.  “You want to break it down into pieces.  You take stuff step by step and [organize].”  She says it’s especially helpful when writing a TDA essay.  TDA stands for Text Dependent Analysis.  “It helped me learn to do TDA’s because TDA’s are the hardest part of the PSSAS, I thought.”

Makenzie says there are five steps:

1.  Statement

2.  Meta-Cognition

3.  Text Proof

4.  Explain and Extend

5.  Closing Thoughts

“The book just broke it down step by step and that really helped me.”

“Don’t be anxious about it.  Don’t worry about it.  Just do what you think.”

The girls are certain this book will make preparing for standardized tests a little less daunting down the road.

Emma Burkett says, “Yeah, I think it’s going to be very helpful because it helped me,” and their teacher agrees.  So much so that his wife’s company published the book and the school is making it available to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  

“This is going to be a wonderful tool for me to use to motivate future students to become good writers.  I’m so proud of Makenzie that she wrote this book and I’m so happy other students will be able to succeed in the classroom by using the book she wrote.

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