Margaret Singirankaer – Good Kid 10/31/2016

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After several years of helping out at the House of Mercy, a local teenager is being touted as a role model to her peers. Traci Teudhope introduces us to our Good Kid of the week.

Meet Margaret Singirankaer, she’s 15 years old and her hope is that all kids will have a better future.  So, she started volunteering at the House of Mercy four or five years ago, and she even helps to fight the language barrier she knows all too well.

“It can also help others from my country.  I can also help them translate if they need help because I definitely have a couple students in my class that don’t speak [the] English language.”  “

She goes beyond minimum and gives back as well she’s a great role model and good leader.”  The team at House of Mercy sees her youth as a big asset to their cause. “It really makes all the difference to have younger volunteers.”

The focus recently has been on reducing violence among teens, something Margaret feels very passionately about.  “Because a lot of people are losing their close family members to teen violence,” she says watching these things happen in our community is heartbreaking.  “It actually hurts to see people close to you… dies over something that’s really not worth them to die over…  people have to think before they do what they’re going to do.”

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