Miranda Matson – Good Kid 02/20/2017

Good Kid

Two teens walking down the street stumbled upon an open van door and a woman yelling for help from a nearby house.  So, 17 year old Miranda Matson jumped into action.  

“Once I saw the feet, [my] first instict was ‘go inside’ because she started saying, ‘help me I’m on the floor,’ and I went into [the] house and immediately asked her how I could help her.”

Miranda immediately started asking questions to assess the situation.  “She said she had fallen and hit her head pretty hard and didn’t know if she could make it up.”  The teen called the woman’s daughter and 911.

“When I stumbled upon her and found her on floor, i was instantly in shock,” says Miranda.  But, she stayed calm and used what she learned in school.  “My health class has really helped me a lot because i am certified in CPR.  I went through that process and I am fully capable of understanding what do in state of emergency”.

Miranda’s school and her parents, are quite proud of her.  They say seeing her put this knowledge to use is reassuring.

Debbie Matson, Miranda’s Mother, tells us, “as a parent, knowing that I can always count on my kids if I need help or somebody else, whoever it is, my kids have ability to step up and do what they need to do”.

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