Nathan Gonser – 03/06/2017

Good Kid

During a cold Erie winter it’s nice to have warm clothes to fight the frigid weather, so a local boy took up a collection to help those in need.  

11 year old Nathan Gonser says, “well I’ve just always thought there’s other people out there that don’t have what we have, so…”

Nathan didn’t like the idea of anyone going without the basic necessities.  “When you take a step back out of your ‘me’ circle, you start to realize everything that’s wrong in the world,” Nathan says.

So, he reached out to his classmates and spearheaded a collection.  Nearly 400 hats, gloves, and scarves.  

Karen Beer, St. Luke Principal, says, “and the fact that he is so young and sees a need out there makes him very special”.

Nathan took everything he and his peers collected at Saint Luke School and made a special delivery to the Saint Martin Center.  “The first impression… lady at the front window she thought it was only one box but we kept bringing in more stuff and her jaw just dropped wide open she was so excited.”

Nathan’s Dad, Travis Gonser, tells us, “I thought it was a great idea then I thought where to put all donations but really gratifying to take to Saint Martin Center in the end.”

For our community, this is a generous gift.  But, for this young man, this is clearly just the beginning.  Beer says, “You know what?  I see Nathan as President if he wanted to be.”

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