Nicolette Gambill – Good Kid 10/03/2016

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Today, we meet a Junior at McDowell High School who commits much of her time to sharing smiles. Traci Teudhope shares her story.

Nicolette Gambill has a soft spot for people battling cancer.  She commits time to the Relay for Life each year, which she thoroughly enjoys.  “My Nicolette is the most caring, loving, compassionate child anyone could ever ask for.”  Recently, she’s taken her mission to help cancer patients a step further.  Nicolette spent an entire paycheck on fleece material to make hats for people going through chemotherapy.  

“A lot of them are going to be losing their hair and with winter season coming up obviously Erie’s really cold.”

She’s working diligently to create as many as she can in her free time.  “I mean, the time is worth it.  It’s definitely worth it.” And, when she goes to deliver the hats, she’ll do it with a warm heart and a frozen theme…  She is known for dressing up as Elsa from time to time to spread some extra smiles.  It’s something she already does for local kids. 

“Just seeing the reactions on the kids faces it’s amazing.”  This is a mission she cares deeply about and she promises she won’t let it go any time soon.  

“I think it’s really special to have people in our community help like that at such a young age.”

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