Ra-joune Spearman – Good Kid 10/24/2016

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A local teenager was beaten badly, but stands with confidence as he shares his story with other youth.  It’s his way of working to stop senseless violence in our community.  Traci Teudhope introduces us to this week’s Good Kid.

The take back the site efforts by local organizations has grown, with a focus on reaching out to youth to give them a voice. So, area kids participated in a video camp at the CATV. Nine teenagers created a 30 minute video. Have Courage.

“I learned how to express my feelings about an assault that happened to me because I wasn’t always comfortable talking about it.”  

It was a scary situation that 14 year old Ra-joune Spearman found himself in; something that changed him forever. “I couldn’t walk. I was deaf from this. I got a concussion; neurological damage.  So, I thank God I’m here, standing here today, because I could have died that day.”

Ra-joune is taking that traumatizing altercation and using it to help other kids. “He’s so courageous about sharing his voice about anti-violence.  A lot of youth are not so willing.”

Ra-joune says he’s just focusing on the positive, “it shows God can take something bad and turn it to go good.”

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