Shaan Bolden – Good Kid 12/12/16

Good Kid

One student can make a big impact in a school.  Wayne school teachers and students have found that to be true.

Noah Young, 13, says this week’s Good Kid, Shaan Bolden, is the “kindest, most helpful, bravest, and strongest, and the fastest person.”

That’s how the folks at Wayne school describe him.  He excels academically, athletically, and socially.  

Wayne School Counselor, Katy Kloss, says, “he just is so humble with all these positives”.

And he brings out the best in his peers, too; befriending students who struggle, like his friend Noah.  The two have been close since the third grade.

Shaan tells us, “Someone was picking on [Noah].  I stood up for him.  He liked that, made him happy, made my day.  So ever since that, it’s a good relationship.”

Noah says, “he just came out of nowhere and helped me.  I can always trust on this guy.”

Shaan’s response?  “It’s just how I was raised.”

It’s students like Shaan who promote a positive learning environment at Wayne School.  And, the educators there are thankful for his presence and his constant efforts to reach out to others.

Kloss says, “it makes me feel hopeful that some of his qualities will transfer to other students and I think it already has.”

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