Sophie Williams – Good Kid 12/19/16

Good Kid

When 8 year old Sophie Williams was four her mother took her to the Anna Shelter.  Afterwards, she told her mom she wanted gifts for the dogs instead of birthday gifts.  That tradition continues today.

When asked why, Sophie simply says, “because I love animals”.

Sophie and her mom, Michelle, are both passionate about helping out their furry friends, but Michelle insists Sophie is the mastermind behind these good deeds.  “I never, you know, made her do anything. She wants to help them I love she’s so giving and kind”

Sophie has several animals herself:  5 dogs, a cat, and a goldfish and she says she believes all living things should be treated with kindness.  “They have feelings too and we treat them the way we would want to be treated.”

Williams says, “Sophie is just an amazing kid, she’s so kind and giving, she’s smart and athletic, she’s funny.”

It’s clear Sophie has a genuine love for animals and a big heart.

Williams continues, “She’s actually doing a kindness campaign where if you notice somebody doing something kind you give them a bracelet they pass that on, so I think it’s contagious.  And then maybe that person will do it keep going and make the world a better place.”

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