Stop the Violence – Good Kids 11/15/2016

Good Kid

Violence is top of mind in communities across the nation, and it’s nearly impossible to keep kids from seeing the effects of it, no matter what you do.  But, here in Erie, a group of teenagers are fighting back.

Stop the violence, have courage.  That’s the message local teens are spreading in our community.  A summer video camp brought together kids who live in the city of Erie.

Ra’Joune Spearman, one of our Good Kids last month, says, “we introduced ourselves to each other and learned about our talents and personalities.”

They spent some time producing a video that was shown at the neighborhood art house.  It was more than just a learning experience, it was empowering, too.

Spearman tells us, “I feel like… it was just you, a group of kids and it made you feel more comfortable because you felt like other kids were speaking out so it gave you courage to speak out also.”

The mission is simple and direct.  It takes a community to make a real difference.  These kids know that and they’re doing their part because they want a brighter future for themselves and their peers.

Spearman adds, “I think it will give adults and kids a different perspective on the violence beacause they see youth… speaking out.”

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