Hearts Without Homes Michael 03/03/2017

Hearts Without Homes

JET 24/FOX 66 is helping foster children find warm and loving homes.  This month’s teen is a fan of comic books.  He wants good to conquer evil.  And he wants to be the one to help make it happen. 

“I, basically, go to school and do my work, and then have some free time at the end of the day.”  So, during his down time, 16 year old Michael likes reading.  Visiting Books Galore on Peach Street was like a fantasy come true.  His fondness for comic books includes creating his own.  “I made one called, ‘Pennyman’.  Lightning struck a penny as he was going down to pick it up.”  He wants combine his favorite subjects with his imagination.  “Science and engineering. I want to create things that no has ever created or accomplished.”  That includes medical cures, too.  “A medicine that can heal you instantly.”  It’s a sign of Michael’s compassion for others.  “I’m caring and I like people a lot.”

For now, Michael is looking to start a new chapter with a family that allows him to be himself. “A caring family–one that can, basically, let me use my coping skills whenever I need them.”

If you think this imaginative teenager would be a good fit for your family or want to learn more about options for adoption, contact Family Services of Northwestern pennsylvania at 814-866-4549.

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